At G-MAK we have both the experience and knowledge to design and install coldrooms to suit all requirements, ranging from small walk-in modular chillers to made-to-measure multi-room suites for all customers including:

  • Fresh food retailers including butchers, delis, fruit & veg and sandwich/bakery outlets
  • Fresh food producers including farms and factories
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and colleges

All our coldrooms can be manufactured with the following features and options:

  • Chiller or freezer application with dual-temperature suites available
  • Energy-efficient and food safe PIR insulated wall panels (minimum 80mm thickness) in a range of heights including internal partitions
  • Hinged or sliding doors with a range of clear-opening sizes plus options including door locks, strip curtains, bulkhead lighting and low/without threshold
  • Can be supplied floorless for installation direct to an existing sound floor surface, with non-slip built-in floor or heavy duty Altro flooring. Insulated and heated floor are available for freezer applications
  • Meat ageing facility
  • Shelving, wall-racking and ceiling hanging rails
  • Weatherproofing for externally located coldrooms
  • Double-glazed panels for vision
  • Refrigeration from built-in monoblock or remote condensing unit

Please get in touch to see how G-MAK can achieve similar results for your shop.